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Brioche buns!

Someone once told me that I'm the only person they know who'll say, "I'm hungry!" Then proceed to take three hours to make a meal from scratch. It's so true. I'd rather wait and make something delicious than scarf down something mediocre. In this case, I've been waiting to make these brioche hamburger buns for months. Finally in a beautiful convergence of events, my starter cooperated, I remembered to freeze the butter in bb chunks, and I had whole milk (lactose free) in the fridge.

I have some accidentally purchased blue cheese and garlic hamburgers that I'm excited to make in the cast iron. I do want to make onion rings from scratch especially now that I have homemade breadcrumbs, but not today. The brioche is done. The starter is rising so I can make croissants for the first time. Learning to make croissants because the bakery by my house makes these giant ube croissants that I often crave. They've questionable employment practices so I'm trying to make a dupe for my conscience's sake.

So at some point today I'll make hamburgers, onions rings, and strawberry lemonade (made with my homemade shrub!)

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