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Afro Futurist Faciliataor

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A woman I admire once described me as an afro futurist facilitator: I have rarely felt so seen. I call myself many things and when I do I am specific in the naming because words are important to me.

How we talk about equity and professional development will change. Things are supposed to change.  I think I'll always love afro futurist facilitator because facilitating a future where Black people are happy healthy liberated human beings is something about me that will never change. 

Healing Racialized Trauma

I studied Cultural Somatics and Psychological First Aid with Resmaa Menakem author of the book you should buy, My Grandmother's Hands. He said something that made me salivate because of how deeply it resonated, 


Many times trauma in a person decontextualized over time can look like personality. Trauma in a family decontextualized over time can look like family traits, trauma decontextualized in a people over time can look like culture and it takes time to slow it down so you can begin to discern what’s what.”

My work uses theatre pedagogy and best practices and curriculum that's culturally relevant, timely, and interesting explore and heal racialized trauma.  If,

"In terms of human interaction, physical behavior has five primary functions: (1) to express emotion; (2) to regulate interpersonal interactions; (3) to present one’s personality to others; (4) to convey interpersonal attitudes and relationships, and; (5) to replace or accompany speech.  Each type of movement has its own characteristics and its own characteristic ways of being used in human interaction."

Workshops I facilitate also ask participants to examine what systems they uphold, reinforce, and benefit from because of intergenerational trauma.  This may sound like a lot for your workplace. It may sound like just what you need. It's important to me to 1: present people information in digestible, but not condescending, chunks; 2: Facilitate experiences that allow participants to challenge themselves in developmentally appropriate ways; and 3) carve out a container I can hold as a facilitator.  Some of the work of healing racialized trauma should include regular doctor's visits and regular therapy sessions. My workshops stay in our lanes.  I'm here to provide a platform for personal and often as a result professional growth.  Zero parts of me are interested in having a group therapy session at your 9-5. 


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