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yankee pickney strikes again

Three years ago I began making tinctures. I've a slew of medical needs some of which are reproductive. Because of my kidneys I can't take ibuprofen. But my menstrual cycle has been out of control for the last 31 years. So I usually self-medicate under the observation of my naturopath. My first tincture was cramp bark for menstrual distress. I'd taken a store bough brand I found in the co-op awhile back, but I wanted to see if I could make something that was of jéhan specific potency.

I've since graduated to other tinctures of other purposes. I was reading about a sage tincture for stomach bloat because I'm growing hydroponic white sage in my kitchen garden. Suddenly I remembered the two infusions that sat on a floating shelf above my bread baking station.

  • Tincture #1 = cinnamon, thyme, black currant, & Everclear 190 proof alcohol x 3 years

  • Tincture #2 = juniper berries & black currants, & Everclear 190 proof alcohol x 3 years

They're incredibly potent And delicious. I mixed one in a lemonade but it turned cloudy and it kinda weirded me out.

Sent that photo to my partner. I baked that bread and made that tuna melt with cannabis infused grapeseed oil and cannabutter. It was delicious. It also had a homemade balsamic glaze, sprouts, and romaine lettuce. Those pringles are sour cream and onion flavored hence the lactaid.

Today I awoke early excited to make cinnamon rolls I'd been craving.

So delicious! I get so frustrated by undercooked or rock hard cinnamon rolls. This recipe used sourdough discard and yeast. They came out super fluffy and cooked all the way through. The icing is vanilla cream cheese made with my favorite lactose free cream cheese and regular butter.

I also baked a whole wheat sandwich loaf. Well, it's currently on its second rise but I started it this morning.

I also also baked two Tartine country loaves. I'm still hella working on my shaping so I'm gonna bake until I'm satisfied.

That's them after the first series of folds. It eventually doubled in size. That might mean it's overproofed, but we'll see. Shaping went much better this time.

Here are all three loaves in another room. I like to do their final rise in a room separate from my kitchen because the oven takes awhile to heat up and changes the temperature of the room significantly. I lost a partial batch of baguettes to a warm room and overproofing.

Because I baked the whole wheat with cannaoil I refrained from giving any away. I don't pay attention to dosage yet so the potency is pretty up there.

It's 7pm and I'm still waiting for the loaves to complete their rise. Back to applying for jobs and planning for the future tomorrow!

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