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Unique Oval dinner plate.  Handmade ceramics. I found the original sketch of this image in a journal from 2000.  I've never considered myself a visual artist, but looking back at journals reminds me that I have been for quite some time.  I created a vinyl stencil of this sketch then added it to this plate when it was leather-hard. The colors in the image are true to life. 


Product Dimensions:

This handmade wonder will turn any everyday meal into a fine dining affair. Unique pottery that is made to last, maybe a lifetime.

Listing is for ONE  piece.

♥ Materials: stoneware clay & food safe glazes
♥ Sizes: oval dinner plate - 8" x 10"


  • All pieces are 100% dishwasher, oven (heating with a maximum temperature of 120C/248F), and microwave safe.
  • All my products are fired at high temperature (1215c/2221F), for extra strength and durability.
  • Please allow for small differences in sizes and shapes between the items as they are all custom handmade, each one is unique. The glaze colors might also vary slightly, even in the same batch.
  • All items are very well packed in bubble wrap and individual boxes, inside a larger box, to arrive safely to you.

♥ Please contact me, for further information or if you have any questions, I am always happy to help!

Knock-Kneed Lady on a Dinner Plate

2-3 weeks turnaround time
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