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Making work.

I had a session with Zorn B. Taylor a few years ago. I wanted headshots/pictures of myself that felt like me. He refers to making photos as if they are a verb. That verbiage poked at me for awhile, and I like the discomfort I feel. it reminds me that art is active. I tell my theatre students, of all ages, that it's a called a play for a reason.

I've been avoiding making ceramic work. It requires attention and timing and I've been so attracted to being on my own time as of late that the idea of being beholden to the heat of my studio and the ceramics that dry too quickly in it annoys me. I started slowly, for me. I found a bunch of bisqueware beads (middle photo) that I hadn't known what to do with for over a year. I finally settled on hand painting them with gesso and eventually acrylic paint. I find the black beads beautiful. I've added a gold acrylic paint that makes the beads look bronze. I've made some earrings by attaching bronze shapes that I've had laying in corners of boxes since before the pandemic. I like how they're turning out and will take photos and list them soon.

Last night I slept relatively well, so I made it onto the wheel around 7am. I just finished adding handles and it's about 12 hours later. I finally realized that I was too tired to continue so wrapped the vessels in plastic, cleaned my tools in the yard, and attached four handles to mugs that'd be too dry by tomorrow. That's a promising day of work. My self-imposed deadlines are looming, but they feel more manageable now that I've started.

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