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Cannaoil Brioche and English Muffins

The Tartine cookbook has a recipe for brioche that uses olive instead of butter. I had a few bottles of cannaoil in the fridge so I decided to do a lifted version. Using canna- olive oil instead of extra virgin.

I loved how the brioche from Emilie Raffa's cookbook turned out. It was more firm after the bulk rise. That meant it was less sticky and easier to handle. This brioche recipe was wetter than ciabatta dough when it came time to handle it. I added extra flour to the counter, that made it handle-able. The final version was burnt so I think I'd bake it for a shorter amount of time. I think the multi- processing of the olive oil made it more susceptible to burning. The insides are delicious though! Light and fluffy. I'm curious about how to eat it. Maybe with a nice soup.

I was extra eager so I simultaneously made baguette dough when I made the brioche. Tartine's cookbook uses baguette dough for its English muffins recipe. It also calls for using a fat when cooking in the pan unlike Raffa's. I didn't use a fat because I didn't feel like it. Love how they turned out!

I wanted be careful of my salt intake. When I eat these, I'll toast them and add butter. I like only using butter once.

I haven't bought bread from the store in a few months. When I did, it was because I assassinated my starter and didn't want to wait a week to ferment another.

Raffa's cookbook is user friendly for beginners. I consider myself a beginner. Tartine still feels like a textbook. I've no complaints about the flavors of what I make when using Tartine as a guide. Glad I have them both. Can already see my growth.

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