The Book Club Play


Village Theatre




Issaquah & Everett, WA


 Gabriel Corey

Laughter and literature collide when five friends of a cherished book club become the focus of a documentary film. The Book Club Play is a fast-paced smart comedy about books and the people who love them. With novels that audience members of all ages will recognize, this compact and hilarious production will keep you guessing what will happen next as the friends face the inescapable camera lens and shake up the group dynamic with plenty of twists and turns.

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The Effluent Engine


Book-it Repertory Theatre



Seattle, WA

Effluent Engine Sample for websiteCast of Effluent Engine
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It is this sense of escape, wonder and belonging that Book-It hopes to offer with their fourth audio play of the season. A spy story at its heart, The Effluent Engine offers danger, cunning and romance as a respite for our everyday challenges. Artistic Director Gus Menary (he/him) tapped Òsanyìn, a playwright/director/performer/teaching artist/activist to shepherd this project. Their experiential work investigating racialized identity is invaluable at this time in our cultural landscape.

Menary notes, “It is an incredible honor to present such a beautiful audio experience! The combination of N.K. Jemisin’s words and Jéhan Òsanyìn’s adaptive and directorial prowess have gifted us a thrilling tale filled with intrigue, excitement and romance. The spirit of adventure contained within the piece, and exhibited by this indomitable team of artists, is a well-accomplished endeavor to create something truly special in especially difficult times. It is a testament to the determination towards the survival of theatre, the community and ourselves.”