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Jéhan Òsanyin

Lead Facilitator

Earthseed's workshops are facilitated by moi! While I'm the lead faciliator for our programming I enjoy collaborating.  Depending on the size of your group I'll contract with other global majority facilitators who are beautifully versed in belonging, anti Blackness, climate justice, and the stories our bodies tell with and withour our consent. 

Jéhan Òsanyin

Ceramic Specialist

My first pottery teacher's name was Mr. Bob Schelhorn.  He was a strange and talented man who I like(d) a lot.  With every piece I make I think about how he'd tell me to prepare myself because any and everything that goes into the kiln might become a sacrifice to the kiln gods!


Jéhan Òsanyin

Customer Service Representative

Guess what? This is Jéhan too and they strive to take care of you. ;) If you encounter issues with art you've purchased, had a difficult time scheduling a consultation, or just have a question. Reach out and I'll be sure to get back you as soon as we can. 

Jéhan Òsanyin

Website Maintence

Yup, still me, doing all the things to make earthseedxjéhan function.

Jéhan and their son post poetry slam 
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